Top things to do in Brasov with Kids

From an adrenaline- filled outdoor adventure for the entire family to Europe’s largest indoor park, we’ve listed some of top things to do in Brasov with kids. This will definitely send them back to school bragging about what an awesome vacation they had at the very heart of Transylvania.

Here are the top things to do in Brasov with kids:

1. Mini-car ride and pigeon feeding at Piata Sfatului

This picturesque square is the heart of Brasov’s medieval historic center. This is the perfect spot to grab a bench and let your kids feed the pigeons or ride on a mini car around the fountain. A 3-minute ride costs 5 lei (1 EUR).

Piata Sfatului with Kids
Feeding the friendly and always hungry pigeons at Piata Sfatului with the fountain and the Black Church in the background
Mini-driving around Piata Sfatului

2. Ride the cable car to Mt Tampa (the hill with the Brasov sign)

For a breathtaking view of Brasov and its natural wonders, take the cable car or follow the one-hour hiking trail to the top. From Piata Sfatului Council Square, you can reach the Tampa cable car station (locally known as Sub Tampa Telecabina) in a 10-minute leisurely walk. You need to climb up around 2 flights of stairs, so it might be a good idea to wear comfortable shoes. During weekends, there may also be a 30-minute waiting line to ride the cable car. From the top, walk towards the Hollywood-like sign of Brașov until you arrive at the viewing deck.

Cable car information
Round trip ride: adult-18lei / child-10lei
Operating time: Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays)/ 9:30 to 17:00

Bird’s eye view of Brasov from the cable car
Viewing deck on top of Mt Tampa


3. Stroll around Brasov Central Park (Nicolae Titulescu Park)

This park is just a two-minute walk from the old center. It has a playground for children, an outdoor “mini-gym”, and several chess/picnic tables and benches. Colorful flowers adorn the park during spring up until early autumn.

Nicolae Titulescu Park during spring
Park playground

4. Visit the Brasov Zoo

This newly renovated zoo showcases some pretty diverse animals from white lions and white tigers to jaguars, camels, wolves, and of course Romania’s very own brown bears. The park provides a natural habitat for some animals and the window displays are made of clear glass for unobstructed views.

Brasov Zoo information:
Entrance fee: adult-5lei/child-3lei
Opening hour: Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays)/ 9:00 to 20:00
Access: Take Bus 17 from Livada Postei (the main bus station in the City center) and get off at [Sc. Gen. 9] stop

The playful brown bears at Brasov Zoo


5. Have a thrilling adventure at Parc Aventura

This is the perfect spot for your little monkeys ages 4 and up. There is a total of 15 obstacle routes with varying levels of difficulty that will challenge your guts and strength. Four routes are for kids ages 4 to 7 and the rest are for bigger kids, teenagers and adults. The Aventura Park is surrounded by lush greenery, the routes are well maintained and the staff is helpful.

Aventura Park information:
The park is closed during thunderstorm and rainy weather, so arrange your trip accordingly.

One of the many exciting routes for kids of all ages

6. Ride a Swan boat at Noua Park

After spending time at the Brasov Zoo or Aventura Park, head over Noua park for a picnic and enjoy the mountains surrounding the park. There’s a picnic/barbecue area, playground and duck boats for rent to row around the small lake.

Noua Park information:
Entrance is free
Access: Take Bus 17 from Livada Postei and get off at [Strand] stop. It’s a 10 minute walk from Brasov zoo, and it’s just right across Aventura Park.

Swan boats for rent at Noua Park
Beautiful autumn day at Noua Park

7. Indoor playground at Superland

This indoor amusement center is perfect on a rainy day. They have fun activities for toddlers up to teenagers. There’s also a food court and shopping mall inside this huge two-storey complex. The payment system is per ride and there’s no entrance fee.

Superland information:
Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:00 to 20:00/ Friday and Saturday 10:00 to 21:00
Access: Șoseaua Cristianului nr. 7, Brașov
The easiest way to come here is to take a taxi (10 minute ride from Livada Postei)

Trampoline zone at Pirate Island (30 lei for the entire day)
Mini-land (15 lei for the entire day)
Pirate Island (30 lei for the entire day)
Indiana Cruise (12 lei for 15 minutes)

8. Tour Brasov on a mini-train

After a long day of fun, head back to Piata Sfatului and board the mini-train. The 15-minute train ride takes you around Brasov’s History Center from Piata Sfatului > Casa Bailescu > Piata Unirii > Piata Sfatului.

Price: 10lei per person (free for children below 3)


The mini train at Piata Sfatului


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